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Established in 2009, R2R is one of India oldest Leadership Hiring Firm in India. R2R is driven by active partnerships with industry bodies and customers with unparalleled domain knowledge. R2R’s Customised Approach in deploying these solutions supports clients with best fit solutions to match up to their requirements. Clients can expect to Stay Ahead in their businesses by partnering with R2R. We not only understand the domain and “talk the language” but also can help our customers to get aligned with industry initiatives! At the same time, R2R recognises that every customer has a unique context that is shaped by their goals and business models, competitive challenges, size, constraints, cultural sensitivities, etc. R2R therefore takes a “Customised Approach” and works collaboratively to architect solutions that optimise value for the customers.
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Roles and Responsibility

The Chief Product Officer is one of the senior most leaders of the company, working closely with the founders and the CEO to drive future-oriented vision and plans. The CPO is expected to be a worthy evangelist, advocate and custodian of the organization's user interface, technology innovation, technology infrastructure, platform capability and overall learning experience. The CPO will be entrusted with the following responsibilities:


-         Oversee the entire product portfolio, take charge of the portfolio's growth and the company's overall product strategy; as well as steer core engineering talent to build smartly and robustly


-         Manage entire product lifecycle, cutting across platform interface, software development, solution architecture and technology infrastructure, to ensure the delivery roadmap is deadline-driven and aligned to the company's business goals


-         Shape user-centred solutions by being the sharpest voice of the user internally, with the help of a rich framework of generating, analysing and mining user insights


-         Deploy data to create actional improvements, smart fixes and new products; and systematically track the right metrics to evaluate user experience, retention and delight


Functional Requirements :


-         15+ years of successful professional experience in digital products that scaled to millions of users


-         Highly mature understanding of the interplay of product, engineering and technology; and the ability to consistently deliver, with quality, on promised roadmaps


-         Deep expertise in consumer internet, mobile apps and rich interaction-based platforms, that are user-focused


-         Benchmark analytical skills; ability to organize research and product information to form coherent user flows


-         Demonstrated passion for and insatiable curiosity for the history, philosophy and technology of digital products, and the cutting-edge research, trends and innovations that shape product-driven internet business


-         Deep fascination and enthusiasm for solving dynamic problems and experimenting with continuously smarter technologies


Leadership Requirements :


-         Benchmark written and verbal communication, problem solving and process management skills; detail orientation and passion for achieving global quality standards


-         Prior experience of and ability to inspire, motivate, manage and attract a high-quality team


-         Strong bias for action and ability to initiate, coordinate and manage numerous projects and schedules simultaneously in a fast-paced, dynamic and cross-functional environment


-         Empathy for people and an ability to negotiate through contrasting points of view


-         Robust start-up, entrepreneurial muscle to take ownership, be accountable


Recruiter Name Deepika Manikandan
Recruiter Number 8072444892
Recruiter Email Id recruiter12@r2rconsults.com
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